Dyson Hoover

I did not know this famous Hoover, Dyson, until I moved to England.
However Dyson seems to be famous not only in England but also in Japan and USA as I can see Dyson’s Hoovers at almost all electronic shops nowadays.

Then, actually, we bought the Dyson Hoover for the first time. So far, so good.

I am even enjoying using it which I normally do not like hoovering our house.

But there was a long journey to purchase our first Dyson as I wanted to buy a Roomba first.

Roomba is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner which all I have to do is to push the start button on it. If so, the Roomba will hoover our house by itself.

What a clever and awesome cleaner! I insisted that I buy this clever cleaner for our house.

However, we bought a Dyson Hoover instead after research.

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