Manhattan Sightseeing

Manhattan is one of the most famous islands in the world, which is part of New York City.

How famous?

Well, Manhattan is a major financial and cultural center not only in the USA but also in the world.

For me, Manhattan has another special meaning as I am a big fan of “Sex and the City”.

Finally, I came here! I am so excited.

Last weekend was a very nice day so we, me and my hubby, went to Manhattan Sightseeing.

It took only about half an hour from my house to Grand Central Terminal Station.

Firstly, we went up the Empire State Building which is a skyscraper, 381 meters tall.

It is also famous from the cinema, King Kong, I guess.
(King Kong always climbs this building in the film.)

The scenery from the top of the building, the skyscrapers towering over Manhattan, was spectacular. 

Secondly, I popped in the HBO shop to buy a SATC key holder. Yeah, I got it and attached my house key to it straight away.

After finishing these two important things, we went to a Japanese book shop, Kinokuniya, Time Square and some museums.

Yes, I really enjoyed the day.

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