Family Christmas 2011

My husband’s family in England came over to USA to celebrate Christmas together.

We met up in Orlando, Florida first as they have a fixed term resort hotel there.We really enjoyed screaming, riding and laughing at Magic Kingdom, Universal Studio and Sea World.I especially liked watching the Dolphin show at Sea World. Their performance was amazing so I watched it twice.
After enjoying the entertainment city, we moved to our house in N.Y.
We went sightseeing in Manhattan and had burger for lunch, cupcake for dessert.Burger and cupcake! Sounds so Manhattan!
Even if people just walk through the street, I bet people could feel Christmas as whole city is surrounded by Christmas atmosphere.

We wanted to follow a British Christmas dinner but somehow we could not find Christmas cracker and mince pies
What’s wrong with American people?
Therefore my husband made Mince pies by himself! While I was eating his hand made mince pies, I realized how lucky I am.
They said that they really enjoyed staying at our house during Christmas holiday with us and left NY before New Year.
I was bit tired of making dinner for 6 people but I was glad they enjoyed themselves.

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