Local Library is amazing.

It is only 7 minutes walk from my apartment to a local Library and as, you may know, I am not working and have plenty of time, I often go there to borrow Books, DVDs, Blu-ray and Music CDs etc.

For example, I borrowed the following items this week.
1. Game of Thrones: The complete First Season / Blu-ray, 5 discs, $79.98 (Amazon price is $43.99)
2. I’ve Got Your Number / Audio CD, 11 CDs, $40.00-
3. Lady Almina and the Real Downtown Abbey / MP3, $29.99-
It costs over $100.00 easily if I buy them but I rent them for FREE.
In addition, I could even rent E-Books.

Firstly, I go to a local library’s website and choose a book which I would like to borrow.
And then, I just click a few times to follow the arrow on the screen and somehow my Kindle will download the E-book for Three weeks.   

It is not rocket science at all and totally free as well.
The tiny problem is I have to wait to borrow new movies because many people want to watch them.
I am waiting to rent a few movies such as The Iron Lady and The descendants now which are in the holding lists in my library account.
But I do not mind waiting to see them. It is not urgent.
The library also provides free Computer lessons for beginners, cheap English lessons for foreigners and financial lectures for women etc.

I could say that my local library is amazing!

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