Elementary – American version Sherlock

I am a fan of the contemporary updated Sherlock by BBC which stars Benedict Cumberbatch (I cannot pronounce his surname properly!) as Homes and Martin Freeman as Watson.

I therefore had mixed feelings for the first time when I heard CBS also wants to make an updated Sherlock based in New York.
Besides, it stars Jonny Lee Miller as Homes and Lucy Liu (a woman!) as Watson.

Sherlock is in New York? Watson becomes a lady? No no no no no.

However, I watched the first episode because I was curious and also I like to see NYC on TV.
I have to confess that I enjoyed this Sherlock so I watched the second episode as well.

Yes, I like both Sherlocks now so I will watch the third episode next week.

BTW, the American version of Sherlock speaks British English as he traveled to NY from London.

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