Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I had never celebrated Thanksgiving or Black Friday until I moved to USA.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday and people normally eat a Turkey with their family on the fourth Thursday of November and the following day, which is Friday, there is a BIG shopping sale everywhere called Black Friday. Thanksgiving was originally a religious tradition but not anymore.
I think Thanksgiving and Black Friday are similar to Christmas and Boxing Day in England and New Year and Hatsu Uri (初売り) in Japan.

An old proverb says “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  Therefore, I followed this wide proverb.
We had Turkey, pudding and wines to celebrate Thanksgiving with our good friends and bought a lot of stuff both in the stores and online.

I was amazed even Apple which famously does not have a bargain sale had a sale so I bought a new iPod nano. Why not??
I quite enjoyed Black Friday shopping.  

Actually, I am going back to England during Christmas Holiday for 3 weeks. That means, I could enjoy the Boxing Day shopping as well!  Hooray!!
P.S. As Thanksgiving, I would like to thank to my lovely husband who always be with me very much!  

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