Christmas holiday in England

Since I came back to England about 2 weeks ago, I keep on meeting my friends, ex-colleagues, buying stuff at my favourite shops and eating Mum's delicious meals or at my favourite restaurants which I missed so much.

I fell in love with Britain again, especially Cambridge, straight away after I arrived.

I am so glad there is somewhere I could feel my home apart from my original country, Japan.

Today is Christmas Eve so I will take a rest, stay at home and have a Family Christmas until Boxing Day's Big Sale!

I wish you have a wonderful Christmas and fantastic 2013!!


  1. It must be an incredible feeling to know you have homes over three continents with family and roots in each. When you start a family would you move back to the UK? or is NYC your real home?

  2. Dear Devon Accommodation,

    I love NY but I feel more comfortable to live in the country side.
    After my husband and I retired, we will go back to the UK or Japan.
    Until then, I would like to enjoy having a Big Apple!