Woodbury Common Outlet!

I finally received my EAD, Employment Authorization Card, from the immigration office!

That means I could work for any company in America now if they offer me a job J

To prepare for that exciting day, I went to the Woodbury Common Premium Outlet to buy a killer suit, bag and a pair of shoes!

There were Gucci, Prada, Coach, Ferragamo etc. Wow! Shopping heaven for girls!

I arrived at 10:03 am 3 minutes after their opening time but there were already some people there and gradually many people, especially Asians like me, came.

I walked around many shops and found an elegant and fashionable office bag so I bought it!
What a nice day!


  1. Hi, I'm japanese from kyoto.
    I found this Blog from another website (blog).
    well, completely english only described written by japanese.
    Great. it's fantastico.
    and in varous posts, my favorite one is this, cuz you've got EAD!
    Now you're now american exactly. wow. :)
    It'll bring you more income, and give you exalted stuffes aka Gucci, Prada. hehehe.
    I hope you can enjoy NY life.
    Anyway your english is simple basic and beautiful......
    and live from USA.
    This is a good tutor for young Japanese who love to study eng.
    Then I want to make link this website on my Blog....
    check my Blog.
    There are an entrance to Intercultural communication!!! :)

    1. Hi Kyotomodelforest san,

      Thank you very much for commenting my blog for the first time!
      I am so happy to know that some Japanese person is reading my blog in Japan!

      Actually, I am not American. I could have a right to live in the USA permanently but I do not have a voting right and cannot join the Army.
      Anyway, I do not want to join the Army, so it is not big deal.