Mummy’s in N.Y. plus Canada!

My Mummy and my nine year old niece came to N.Y. at the end of March.
It was their first N.Y. trip so I made a lot of plans.

Firstly, we saw Manhattan from The Top of the Rock and also from the sea side on a cruise.
I was so impressed with the scenery and I am so glad that I am living in N.Y. right now.

I took them to one of my favorite museums, my favorite burger shops, cupcake shops and a horse-drawn coach ride in Central Park etc etc.

We enjoyed not only Manhattan but also the outskirts of N.Y. as well.

My husband took a day off as well and he took us to the Vanderbilt Mansion and a famous cooking university CIA, The Culinary Institute of America, to have a dessert!

We also went to a day trip to Niagara Falls using an airplane.
A day trip to Niagara Falls in Canada from N.Y. sounds ridiculous but there was a tour so we joined it. We left our house at 3.30 am in the morning and came back before midnight…

Niagara Falls from the Canadian side was so so so impressive and left me speechless. It was definitely worth it but I was exhausted.

I had a really good time with them. It is always sad to see them off at the airport though…

Dear Mummy, thank you so much for coming over here.

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