Family Holiday in JAPAN 2015

My husband and I went on vacation for about two weeks in Japan.

We normally go back to Japan every two years together.

This time my parents in law and my brother in law came to Japan from England as well so we traveled Japan together.

My husband and I were not only translators but also tour conductors! We were a little bit tired but we enjoyed it a lot.

I am so glad that all family met together including my Mummy and my brother’s family.

I also met my friends in Japan. Thank you so much for spending your time with me!

I’m looking forward to the next holiday!     



My boys are big fans of LEGO but how they play is a bit different.
My husband likes making it and my cat likes smashing it! 

Even if we put the LEGOs on the top shelf, my cat does not give up smashing it.
(As a cat’s owner’s fate, our ornaments, photos, or anything, are on the top level of a shelf…)
To solve these problems, we bought a glass cabinet. Win-win!?

The LEGO monkey is in danger!

The LEGO birds are also in danger!


Medical care is insane in the USA.

During a major dental operation, my dentist found another problem costing about an additional $7,000 (4,700 GBP, 840,000 Yen)!

I had to call my special bank, THE BANK OF HUSBAND, during the operation. My banker and the dentist discussed the costs and my operation continued and was successful.

I need more time to get used to American Health Insurance system.


Back to the real world

I felt like I was in the HEAVEN for two weeks in England, had a wonderful time with family and good friends, ate a lot of delicious foods including sweets, went shopping in the sale and did nothing but enjoy myself and relax!

I am fully charged and ready to go back to the non-stop working environment although I am not looking forward to it…



Cambridge is the special place for my husband and me.
We met there for the first time, had a lot of time together and then got married.

We both were students at first and after that I got a full time job and he obtained PhD in the end.

Today, we visited the house which we used to live, our favorite Italian restaurant, shops etc.


London sightseeing

The capital of Britain, London, is an amazing city.
Whenever I come back here, I fall in love with this city straight away.

My husband and I decided to come down to London to visit museum of London, eat afternoon tea at the cafe royal and drop money on the high street.

The inside of the cafe royal was really gorgeous and the afternoon tea is a modern type afternoon tea.
I really enjoyed having the afternoon tea there.

As I'm currently living the state, I do not have to pay the sales tax there.
I mean I can claim sales tax back at the airport later.
How not using this special treat? So we spend a little bit money there.

There were soooooo many people in the capital of England and getting miss quiet and flesh air the country side so we left London with satisfaction.

I definitely come back again!


Christmas Holiday in the country side of England.

I'm so glad that I came back to England to spend a Christmas holiday with family.

I feel the time is slower, the air is flesher, the night is darker in the country side of Englnd.

After eating a lot of delicious meals consistently since we arrived, we decided to take a walk a little bit.

How lovely the country side of England is.